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Buy 100% Pure Salajeet (Lab Certified in-House Purified) from Hunza

Buy 100% Pure freshly purified and lab certified salajeet from hunza. Since 1998 Hunza Salajeet is offering 100% Orignal Salajeet.

  • 100% Original Salajeet.
  • In-House Freshly Purified Salajeet.
  • Lab Certified for Heavy Metals and Microbiologically Safe for Human Consumption.

Hunza Salajeet offers Cash on Delivery across Pakistan in discreet and premium packaging without mentioning the product name on package to keep your privacy.


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Buy 100% Pure Salajeet straight from the mountains of the Himalayas and Karakoram ranges in Gilgit Baltistan. Hunza Salajeet has an in-house purification facility, and we offer 100% Original Salajeet in Pakistan since 1998.

What is Salajeet? 

Salajeet is a natural substance found primarily in the Himalayas, formed over centuries by the gradual breakdown of certain plants by the action of microorganisms. It is an effective and very safe dietary supplement that restores energy balance and may prevent several ailments. 

It is a common substance used in the ancient practice of Ayurvedic medicine, his 5,000-year-old method of disease prevention and treatment that began in India and is still practiced in many Asian countries. . Ayurvedic medicine is based on the concept that balancing the body’s three “doshas” will help you live a longer, healthier life without the use of prescription drugs. 

One of the reasons Salajeet is such a powerful herb is because of its high fulvic acid content. Fulvic acid has many proven benefits, from improving gut health to keeping your skin healthy. It is one of the most commonly used dietary supplements to enhance absorption. 

Salajeet in Pakistan 

The salajeet in Pakistan is only found in the mountains of the Himalayas and Karakoram ranges in Gilgit Baltistan. The highest mountains in the Gilgit Baltistan region, which is also known as the roof of the world due to its height above sea level, is where we in Hunza Salajeet obtain raw salajeet. The most popular raw salajeet comes from Gilgit Baltistan.

In Pakistan, we extracted raw salajeet and then processed it to remove the raw impurities that are present in every salajeet. After packing, the fresh salajeet is shipped to clients all over the world.

Since 1998, Hunza Salajeet in Pakistan has been supplying Pure Gold Grade salajeet to its consumers across the world. Salajeet is priced differently in Pakistan.

Salajeet Price in Pakistan

Hunza Salajeet offers Original Salajeet at the best affordable prices in Pakistan. The Prices for Pure Salajeet depend upon the quality and grade. Our Packaging starts at 100 rupees per 1 gram in Pakistan. And Price for Pure Salajeet in Pakistan is as follows;

  • Pure Salajeet 10 Grams Price in Pakistan is 1000 PKR
  • Pure Salajeet 20 Grams Price in Pakistan is 2000 PKR
  • Pure Salajeet 30 Grams Price in Pakistan is 3000 PKR
  • Pure Salajeet 50 Grams Price in Pakistan is 500 PKR
  • Pure Salajeet 100 Grams Price in Pakistan is 10000 PKR
  • Pure Salajeet 1KG Price in Pakistan is 60000 PKR

Hunza Salajeet offers cash on delivery across all the major cities of Pakistan that including Lahore, Karachi, Multan, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Hyderabad, Quetta, Sialkot, Bahawalpur, Dera Ghazi Khan, Faisalabad.

10 Proven Health Benefits of Salajeet: 

Provides energy and vitality

For thousands of years, practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine have prescribed Salajeet to boost energy and revitalize the body. The amount of scientific research done is constantly increasing. 

Salajeet helps fuel the body by enhancing the function of the mitochondria in the body. Mitochondria convert oxygen and nutrients into adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is why the cells in the body It is an organelle that functions as an “energy source” and actually fuels the cells of the body. Salajeet promotes mitochondrial function and helps mitochondria to oxygenate more efficiently. It also has a strong effect on mitochondrial oxygenation when combined with some CoQ10.  

This substance helps increase ATP production, thus increasing overall energy and stamina. In fact, it is commonly used to improve athletic performance. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, a disorder characterized by unavoidable fatigue of at least six months, has been successfully treated with Salajeet supplementation, which is also reflected in improving mitochondrial function. In addition to its mitochondrial effects, this herb revitalizes the body with its powerful antioxidant properties. Fighting disease-causing free radicals, repairing internal damage in the body caused when exposed to chemicals and other harmful substances, and lowering fat blood levels. 

Promotes brain health

Shilajit in Pakistan appears to have targeted mechanisms specifically for protecting brain cells. In his 2013 study on the effects of Salajeet on risk factors after traumatic brain injury, conducted by the Center for Physiological Research, Kerman Medical University, Iran, the researchers found beneficial effects on the top three postmortem factors. I discovered that there is Brain injury: brain edema, blood-brain barrier permeability, and intracranial pressure.  

This incredible nutrient could also represent a new treatment option for patients suffering from mild cases of Alzheimer’s disease. Treatment protocols involving the presence of fulvic acid and administration of vitamin B complex may Pilot studies have shown promising results. 

In addition, Salajeet has shown anti-epileptic properties and potential anti-psychotic effects due to its normal regulation of GABA (a naturally occurring acid in the brain) levels. 

Regulation of hormones and the immune system

Another important function of Salajeet is the way it regulates various body systems such as the immune system and hormone balance. 

In particular, Salajeet affects reproductive hormone function. In healthy men, supplementation increases blood testosterone levels and promotes sperm production. When tested in a rat pilot study, it was also associated with ovulation in adult female rats, suggesting that Salajeet powder or resin may be a drug to consider for those suffering from infertility.  

Mitigate the pain response

Ayurvedic medicine has long admired Salajeet’s ability to reduce pain, but research has been limited until recently mouth, or jaw pain) and acts as a “sedative”. Her 2015 study in mice found that it reduced and relieved chronic pain over time, depending on the dose.  

One of the features that will be detailed later is drug interactions. Regarding pain, Salajeet interacts positively with morphine, minimizing the build-up of tolerance to morphine, thus reducing the need for people with severe pain to put it in their system to achieve effective analgesia. reduce the amount of this drug.  

Salajeet may Help Treat Diabetes

Diabetics may want to know that Salajeet may help lower blood sugar and lipid profiles in diabetics. Salajeet is an essential ingredient in dietary supplements known as D-400, Diabecon, or GlucoCare. This supplement is designed to combine the most powerful Ayurvedic natural remedies in one pill. D-400 has shown the potential to lower blood sugar levels and repair damage to the pancreas from diabetes.  

Salajeet helps prevent and protect against cancer

Interestingly, Salajeet has been found to be toxic to several types of cancer, including lung cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, ovarian cancer, and liver cancer. Its toxicity to these cancers is attributed to the presence and combination of heavy metals in the substance, making it a potential natural cancer treatment. 

Also associated with cancer is Salajeet’s ability to protect certain body systems from dangerous radiation damage. Her June 2016 study, published in the Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics, found that it strongly protected the ovaries from radiation damage.  

Salajeet fights Inflammation and Viruses

Consider using Salajeet as part of your diet to combat disease-causing inflammation. Studies have found it to be effective in healing and preventing stomach ulcers and reducing the inflammation associated with them.  

Not only does it help reduce inflammation, but it also has “broad but specific” antiviral properties. Italian laboratory studies have shown that it causes various herpes-related viruses and respiratory infections, especially in children. It was found to have significant antiviral activity against the virus HRSV.  

Salajeet supports strong bone health

Salajeet can even improve skeletal health. There is early evidence that it supports bone regeneration, protects against osteoporosis, and slows the process. Overweight published in the Journal of Medicinal Food In a patient study, supplementation significantly improved skeletal muscle function and recovery.  

Salajeet is good for heart and blood

By building muscle, an antioxidant, Salajeet has been shown to protect the heart from drug-induced damage. A study done in rats published in Cardiovascular Toxicology found that subjects given Salajeet had less permanent damage to the heart. 

The herb is also effective in treating anemia, as it contains a lot of iron in one serving. 

Preliminary studies have also shown that Salajeet may help regulate heart rate at certain doses.In small doses, accelerated heart rate can be lowered. However, taking too much can have the opposite effect. If you have irregular heartbeats or other heart-related problems, it’s a good idea to consult your doctor before starting supplementation. 

Salajeet Helps Overcome Addiction

Salajeet has a significant impact on the addiction-fighting process due to its unique interactions with other drug substances.When administered to patients who have stopped opioids, it reduces actual addiction and minimizes withdrawal symptoms. It is often superior to conventional drugs administered to break addictions. 

Similarly, this medicinal “herb” reduces alcoholism and reduces the withdrawal symptoms experienced by abstinent alcoholics. It is therefore not surprising that for centuries oriental medicine has recommended its use to break the addiction. 

Salajeet, known by many names, is mineral pitch, mineral wax, black asphalt, asphalt punjabianum (in Latin), sargai, dorobi, barahshin, baragshun, mumlai, brag zhun, chao-tong, wu ling zhi, and baad. – Also known as a-ghee Arkhar-Tash and Mumiyo (variously transliterated Mumijo, Mumio, Momia, and Moomiyo). 

It is a tar-like substance (known as biomass) found in the Himalayas and mountainous regions of Tibet. Salajeet formed as lush forests thickened while mountains rose. As temperatures rise around these Indian mountains, this tar-like medicinal wonder seeps through the crevices of the mountains. Black varieties range in color from tan to pure black and are considered the most nutritious. It is not clear whether Salajeet is purely biological or geological. Some of the most commonly recognized nutrients among them are fulvic acid, humic acid, and dibenzo-alpha-pyrone. 

Different types and brands may contain varying concentrations of vitamins and minerals, but this breakdown of a brand’s nutrition facts is useful to provide a starting point for the number of common minerals you can find. Salajeet is commonly claimed to contain about 85 vitamins and minerals in its pure form. 

Each serving (500mg) of Salajeet resin contains: 

  1. 3 calories 
  2. 5.4 milligrams of iron (30% DV) 
  3. 40 milligrams of calcium (4% DV) 
  4. 2.8 micrograms of selenium (4% DV) 
  5. Zinc 0.45 mg (3% DV) 

How should I take Salajeet? Salajeet is not readily available in grocery stores, but it is possible to purchase imported Salajeet from various online retailers. The three forms it comes in are Salajeet powder, Salajeet resin, and dietary supplements. Each option has its advantages depending on who you ask, but most experts generally agree that pure Salajeet resin is the “purest” form money can buy. 

You may ask, “How do you take resin as a dietary supplement?” In most cases, the easiest method is to scoop a small amount (often between a grain of rice and pea), mix it with water, and consume it daily. But be warned, it doesn’t taste good. If you decide to use Salajeet, you’ll want to get into the habit of quickly drinking a glass of water with Salajeet dissolved in it, or adding the water to smoothies or other liquids to neutralize the gummy taste. 

Salajeet Side Effects and Risks 

Reports of various “alerts” related to Salajeet are contradictory. However, it is important to be aware of some potential issues associated with this substance. First, two well-known potential drawbacks include the presence of heavy metals and their adverse effects on blood pressure at high doses. Caution should be exercised when exposed to heavy metals or at risk of abnormally low blood pressure. 

As mentioned earlier, it’s also very important to get this substance from a reliable source. Unfiltered Salajeet can contain certain dangerous mushrooms, and this is where heavy metal issues arise. 

It’s worth noting that this herb is still in the early stages of scientific research. Much research and discovery are just beginning. 

However, with the safer forms of Salajeet, researchers have found it safe for long-term treatment of various conditions such as anemia. 

Final thoughts 

Salajeet is native to the mountain crevices of the Himalayas and Tibet and resembles a tar-like substance that ranges in color from tan to black (black is considered the most nutritious). Salajeet has been used by a practitioner of Ayurvedic medicine for over 3,000 years. A growing body of scientific evidence supports its use as an activator. Preliminary studies show that it relieves fatigue, promotes brain health, supports the immune system, relieves pain, and treats diabetes, it has been found to be effective in protecting against cancer, preventing inflammation and viral infections, improving skeletal health, and protecting and supporting the heart. When combined with other popular Ayurvedic herbs, Salajeet can be an effective supplement to improve overall health for almost everyone. I’m here. For best results, you should thoroughly research the company you buy Salajeet from and only buy from reputable sources. Also, if you experience any side effects, you should consult your doctor. 

Traditional Uses of Salajeet 

Salajeet is an important and well-known ingredient in Ayurvedic medicine due to its Rasayana properties.In this regard, health benefits such as prolonging life, rejuvenating, and slowing aging have been attributed to it. Traditionally, Salajeet is consumed by the people of Nepal and northern India, and Pakistan. Their children in the mountains usually take it with milk for breakfast. Sherpas claim to have Salajeet as part of their diet. They form a strong male population with very high levels of healthy life expectancy. Our lab has found evidence of high activity of Andean Salajeet as a stimulant of cognitive impairment and cognitive activity in humans. 

How Salajeet was discovered? 

Salajeet is a Sanskrit word meaning “conqueror of mountains and destroyer of weakness.” It is also spelled as Shilajeet, and is known by various other names like Salajeeta Mumiyo; Mineral pitch, Mineral wax or Ozokerite in English; Black Asphaltum; and Asphaltum punjabianum in Latin. 

Ancient Indian yogis, and practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine, on understanding several potent qualities of Salajeet, had attributed divine powers to Salajeet. In essence, Salajeet is a natural concentrate of plants of the regions of the Himalayas and is found in the Himalayan ranges in India, Nepal, Pakistan, China, Tibet, and part of Central Asia and Scandinavia. The flora of the Himalayas is rich and varied, and for thousands of years the plants have come to life, absorbed nutrients from the soil, and then died out. This is a process that has been repeated again and again countless times and continued for millennia. It is believed that Salajeet found in the Himalayas are the fossilized form of those plants, and the particular biosphere of the Himalayas created them and bestowed medicinal qualities to them. Salajeet, found in the higher altitudes of the Himalayas, are collected during summer months when the ice melts, and Shilajeet lumps are sometimes spotted and collected from the crannies of rocks, and similar places. Salajeet collected in this way is processed by several pharmaceutical companies and offered in the form of capsules for human consumption. 

Puri (2006) dedicated a chapter to Salajeet in his book. He has written extensively on the study of Salajeet over the past two centuries and its various conjectured sources. Workers in India thought the source was Dendroid Euphorbia, while in Ladakh the excrement of mountain rats was believed to be the source. Russian literature says it was made by compressing juniper. Scientific studies show that it is a humus-like compound. Dr. Peter Zahler (1998 and 2002) comments on the occurrence of Salajeet and its relationship to flying squirrels. Kerman (unpublished) reports observations of mammalian pellets (flying squirrels and pikas) associated with a Salajit outbreak in northern Pakistan. These pellets are the so-called ‘pallets’ of micrographs described by Faruqi (1997). 

The modern discovery of Salajeet: 

In modern times, British explorer Sir Martin Edward Stanley, during his 1870 Himalayan expedition, noted that the Ganges monkeys reached old age at the age of ten, while the highland monkeys remained active into old age. I have observed that it continues. Aged and agile. He noted that at higher altitudes, monkeys were feeding on rock, like molten material that oozes out of cracks when ice sheets melt during the summer. Local residents called this substance Salajeet, and its healing properties have long been known. 

Hunza Salajeet Nutrition Facts

Nutrition​ ​Facts
Serving Size 0,3g
Servings Per Container 20g
Amount per serving
Calories 15 Calories from Fat 0
% Daily Value*
Cholesterol 0 mg 0 %
Sodium 0 mg 0 %
Potassium 50 mg 1 %
Total Carbohydrate <1 mg 0 %
Protein 0g
% Daily Value*
Fulvic Acid 66.8% * Humic Acid 10.1%
Calcium 4% * Iron 30%
Magnesium 1% * Zinc 3%
Selenium 4% * Manganese 1%
*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2.000-calorie diet


Buy 100% Pure Salajeet in Pakistan. Hunza Salajeet offers Pure Gold Grade Salajeet in Pakistan from the mountains of Hunza with free Cash on delivery across Pakistan.

How to Use Hunza Salajeet?

The recommended dose of Salajeet is 300 to 500 milligrams per day, you can mix Hunza Salajeet with a glass of Water or Milk and drink it once daily for 90 days. Salajeet works as a healing agent it will take some time in the begging until salajeet penetrates into the cellular level of your body.

Hunza Salajeet Lab Certifications

Heavy Metal Test Report from PCSIR

Microbiological Safety Test for Human Consumption from PCSIR

Hunza Salajeet is the Pakistan First Salajeet Brand, who has 100% Original Salajeet Purity Certificate from Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR)

Salajeet Benefits for Males

Benefits of Salajeet

Salajeet Benefits for Females

What is Salajeet? and Salajeet Benefits for Females:

Salajeet is a black, sticky substance that`s normally observed withinside the fantastic mountain rocks of the Himalayas. It's evolved and shaped over the centuries through a painstakingly lengthy and gradual decomposition of plants. Ayurveda mentions it in texts from over 3000 years. It's a popular ayurvedic remedy because of its enormous variety of medicinal residences. Moreover, it is an incredibly secure and powerful complement to your ordinary health.

We're certain you've got heard approximately the goodness of Salajeet with superior male sexual health, fertility, and libido. More uncommon, however, are Salajeet blessings for ladies. Keep scrolling to realize why you want Salajeet, girls!

What are the Benefits of Salajeet? What is Salajeet Used For?

Here's a listing of what Salajeet makes use of in preferred and for ladies which you want to realize. Read directly to discover the one-of-a-kind blessings of Salajeet.

  1. Salajeet for Weight Loss
  2. Salajeet for Periods
  3. Salajeet for Alzheimer`s Disease
  4. Salajeet as Rejuvenating Agent
  5. Salajeet for Aging
  6. Salajeet for Anemia (Iron deficiency)
  7. Salajeet for Hair
  8. Salajeet for Heart
  9. Salajeet for Menopause
  10. Salajeet for High Altitude Sickness

Salajeet for Weight Loss

One of the pinnacle blessings of Salajeet is that it enables shed pounds naturally. The residences in Salajeet assist to lessen the urge for food that permits you to devour much less or even burn fat. Many ladies ask us for a way to use Salajeet for weight reduction. The solution is simple.

The encouraged Salajeet dosage for weight reduction is-

Take 250 mg- 500 mg of Salajeet dietary supplements according to day, twice, after your meals

Always talk over with a medical doctor first to attain the pleasant blessings of Salajeet for weight reduction

Pro Tip:

Combine Salajeet resin consumption with at least 10-15 mins of exercising regime to peer pleasant effects in a shorter time

2. Salajeet for Periods

One of the pinnacle blessings of Salajeet for ladies is it enables them to regularize of the menstruation cycle for the damsels in distress!

A balanced set of hormones to your frame way a regulated and well-timed menstruation. Salajeet performs an essential function in regularizing hormones, predominantly the woman's reproductive hormones. These hormones encompass estrogen and progesterone, basically associated with the woman's duration cycle. It additionally aids in relieving menstrual cramps and pain.

3. Salajeet for Alzheimer's disease

Alzheimer's disease is a progressive neurological disease in which brain cells die and the brain shrinks. This causes problems with memory, behavior, and thinking. Many studies suggest that Salajeet may help prevent or at least slow the progression of Alzheimer's disease.

The main component of Salajeet is fulvic acid, which has antioxidant properties. The fulvic acid in Salajeet helps support cognitive health by preventing the accumulation of tau protein. Tau protein is an important part of the nervous system, but accumulation often causes brain cell damage.

5. Salajeet as a Rejuvenator

Being tired and being a woman are becoming synonymous. Many women are expected to focus on their work while doing household chores. It will eventually burn you out. Stress also contributes to premature fatigue. Salajeet for Women is responsible for improving mitochondrial function in women, which is where energy is produced in the body. This extra boost is a great addition to get you through the day.

You can take steroids to revive your system, but it comes at a huge cost to your health and has multiple side effects. In contrast, Salajeet benefits have no side effects and when taken regularly at the right dose Effective results. Always consult your doctor about dosage.

6. Salajeet for Aging

The fulvic acid found in Salajeet helps the body fight cell damage and free radicals, the two main factors in aging. It also contains powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. These help Salajeet slow down the aging process, gradually reduce the signs of fine lines and wrinkles, and make skin look firmer and younger.

Salajeet for Diabetes.

This Ayurvedic dietary supplement promotes hypoglycemic function in women. Doctors recommend taking Salajeet along with metformin or glibenclamide for positive results.

7. Salajeet for anemia (iron deficiency)

Anemia means lack of iron in the body and can be caused by:

blood loss

low iron diet

unable to absorb iron

Common symptoms include cold hands and feet, fatigue, weakness, headaches, and irregular heartbeats.

Studies show that Salajeet supplements gradually increase iron levels in the body. Therefore, iron-rich Salajeet is a beneficial addition to your diet if you suffer from anemia.

Did you know:

1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with anemia at least once in their lifetime.

8. Salajeet for hair

Due to the high content of fulvic acid, zinc, sulfur, and magnesium, the effectiveness of Salajeet on hair is greatly enhanced. For example, a zinc deficiency can cause women to suffer from deterioration of the protein structure of their hair.

Calcium, on the other hand, often clogs hair follicles and causes dandruff on the scalp, and magnesium effectively ensures that this does not happen.

9 Heart for Salajeet

Another benefit of Salajeet is that it helps improve heart health. A study in rats found that rats given Salajeet before heart injury had fewer heart lesions.

However, it is recommended that you do not take Salajeet if you have an active heart condition.

10. Salajeet for menopause

Menopausal women lose bone density due to estrogen deficiency. Salajeet has been shown to strengthen bone structure and density and alleviate menopausal symptoms.

11. Salajeet for altitude sickness

High winds, low pressure, or low temperatures can often cause altitude sickness. The most common symptoms of altitude sickness are nausea, insomnia, pulmonary edema, dementia, body aches, hypoxia, and fatigue. Studies suggest that Salajeet can help overcome altitude problems.

Salajeet contains 84 minerals with fulvic acid as the main ingredient and various health benefits. Among other uses, Salajeet is used as an antioxidant to boost the body's immune system and memory. It has anti-inflammatory properties, boosts the body's energy, and eliminates fatigue caused by the high altitude. It also acts as a diuretic, drawing excess water out of the body. Due to these Salajeet benefits, this Ayurvedic herb is used to prevent various symptoms associated with high altitude.

Is Salajeet safe to take?

Yes, Salajeet contains fulvic acid and humic acid, making it safe to consume. These two compounds are excellent antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. It acts and facilitates the absorption and transport of nutrients.

Salajeet for Diabetes: Is Salajeet safe for diabetics?

Yes! is. The benefit of Salajeet for diabetes is that it has been shown to regulate blood sugar levels in diabetics. Please consult.

When to take Salajeet When is the best time to take Salajeet?

Salajeet can peak early in the morning on an empty stomach

Due to Salajeet's energy-enhancing properties, it may interfere with sleep, so avoid taking it before bed.

You can take the recommended dose of Salajeet daily without worrying about effectiveness

Salajeet promotes overall body health, treats constant fatigue and improves physical performance

Salajeet Benefits for Women: Why Women Should Take Salajeet Too? What are the barriers to incorporating Salajeet into a healthy lifestyle?

It has gradual but lasting consequences for women's reproductive problems, relieves menstrual and menopausal symptoms, and manages stress. increase energy and reduce fatigue.

How long does Salajeet take to work?

Salajeet is a powerful Ayurvedic herb with multiple uses and benefits. However, while Ayurveda requires patience, it is the most popular option because it has no side effects (when taken in moderation). Take Salajeet Supplement Recommended Dosage - 150 mg Salajeet powder 1-2 times daily, 1 Salajeet capsule, or 1 Salajeet tablet twice daily after meals. Continue this for at least 2-3 months for best results. It usually takes about 2-3 months for Salajeet to work. Continuity is important here.

How many days should I take Salajeet?

Take the recommended dose of Salajeet extract regularly for at least 60-90 days to see the effects on your health. Take capsules or tablets twice daily after meals. Also, consult your doctor for the exact dosage based on your requirements and do it wisely to get the best results from Salajeet usage and benefits.

What are the side effects of Salajeet? Avoid Consuming Unrefined Raw Salajeet

As an Ayurvedic herb, Salajeet is safe to use, but should not be consumed raw or unprocessed. Unrefined Salajeet contains fungi, free radicals, heavy metal ions, and other polluting particles. and may become ill.

Avoid taking Salajeet if you have sickle cell anemia, thalassemia, or hemochromatosis.

sickle cell anemia an inherited blood disorder in which there are not enough healthy red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout the body

  • Thalassemia

A blood disorder that occurs when the body cannot make enough hemoglobin (an essential part of red blood cells)

  • Hemochromatosis

A blood disorder in which there is too much iron in the blood

In such cases, you may be allergic to Salajeet supplements.If you feel dizzy, develop a rash, or have an increased heart rate, stop taking Salajeet immediately.

Salajeet for Women Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Is Salajeet good for women?

Yes. Salajeet helps combat iron deficiency, improves blood oxygen levels, regulates the menstrual cycle, strengthens bones, and restores hormone levels in women.

Q) Does Salajeet increase testosterone levels in women?

Yes. Salajeet can boost testosterone levels in both men and women. However, hormone levels never exceed the body's natural levels.

Q) Who should not take Salajeet?

People with hemochromatosis, sickle cell anemia, or thalassemia should not take Salajeet without consulting their doctor.

Q) Does Salajeet increase estrogen levels?

yes. Salajeet is known as an estrogen booster that helps improve hormonal balance and regulate female periods.

Q) What are the side effects of Salajeet in women?

Salajeet is safe for women when taken correctly.

Hunza Salajeet

Buy 100% Pure Salajeet (Lab Certified in-House Purified) from Hunza

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